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Why Choose Us

FKN GROUP LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of environmentally friendly gold mineral processing technology products. The FKN PANDA environmentally friendly gold dressing agent produced by our company is a patented brand of "environmental-friendly gold extraction" and can replace the application of sodium cyanide in gold Carbon In Pulp, heap leaching, Pool leaching, Tank Leaching, vat leaching and other processes. The group's R&D center focuses on technological breakthroughs in the fields of polymer materials and fine chemicals. It has teamed up with many well-known scientific research institutes at home and abroad to focus on industrial upgrading, independent research and development, and a number of invention patents for core technologies, laying a solid foundation for the group's industrial integration into the world. Foundation. At present, the company has established long-term cooperative relationships with large domestic and foreign gold production companies such as China National Gold Group, Shandong Gold Group, Zijin Mining Group and Miba Mine Company. While improving the economic benefits of gold production companies, it has greatly eased the impact of the development of the gold industry on human beings. Harm caused by the living environment, truly realize the true realization of green environmental protection and gold extraction!

We are currently promoting global business deployment and are looking for local agents or representatives to cooperate with us to achieve local sales. We welcome capable and willing partners to contact us and cooperate!



-Used By Many Clients
-Mature Process
-ISO9001 Certified
-Patented Product


-Low toxic
-Protect environment
-Protect users'safety
-Easy to store and transport


-Carbon In Pulp/Leach
-Heap Leaching
-Pool/Tank Leaching
-Vat Leaching


-Best replacement of NaCN
-High and Fast Recovery
-Good Stability
-Cost Saving